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Share fair poster Nepal

See the share fair poster from Nepal about:

Sustainable Soil Management Practices: Improving Soil Fertility and Farm Productivity

The farmer to farmer (f2f) a decentralized extension system: Reaching the unreached

Nepal Agriculture and Forestry University in Relation to Agriculture Development Strategy


Social reporting during the F2F

“Social reporting is the sharing and discussion of learning experiences by workshop participants on social media.”

The social reporting team during the “Reaching the Millions!”: Rahel, Lorenz and Linh

Rahel Meier    Lorenz Schwarz Linh Nguyen

What you can do:

  • Visit the blog and voice your impressions and statements using the comment function (leave a reply)
  • Become a social reporter and sign in for a social reporting slot during the event
  • Take pictures during the event and share them with other participants
  • Give your feedback at the reporting wall in the social reporting corner

You are all invited to participate in the reporting process!

See more: Social reporting

Introduction organizer Stefanie Kaegi

Stefanie Kaegi

What is your background (profile/ studies), and your current job/ posting?
I studied Geography and international development and cooperation. Currently, I work as Advisor for Rural Economy at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation in Zurich. In the frame of an SDC mandate, I capitalise experiences in long term SDC RAS programmes in Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan, and analyse country RAS systems in India and China.

What are your expectations towards the “Reaching the Millions!” event?
From the workshop I expect to have the opportunity to openly exchange our experiences in public and private RAS programmes. I wish to leave the workshop with a range of innovations regarding to RAS delivery, RAS financing, and knowledge management in RAS – thus, innovations that will strengthen RAS systems to effectively reach out to poor farmers, as well as to women farmers.
And last but not least, I’m looking forward to get to know you and to jointly bring our knowledge on extension a step further.

Meet and greet – The first glance

The Face-to-face workshop on Rural Advisory Service in South and South-East Asia 2015 had kicked off today (February 2, 2015) with a sharefair, wherein participants from all over the world gathered together for a meet-and-greet.

Reception table

Reception table




Overview of the sharefair

We look forward to the next day of the workshop with presentations and discussions in which brilliant ideas will be shared. Stay tuned for further updates!




Introduction organizer Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt

What is your background (profile/ studies), and your current job/ posting?

My name is Peter Schmidt; I’m working for HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in Switzerland and I am mandated to facilitate this workshop. I started my work in development cooperation in Orissa, India where I worked for an extension project in the livestock sector. Then I joined what is today called “Agridea” and was involved in conceptual questions related to rural advisory services. Subsequently I managed a large Rural Advisory Services Project in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, by the way one of the projects that serves as a case study for the workshop “Reaching the millions”. Since a couple of years I am now based in Switzerland. Among many other tasks I am charged to prepare with my colleagues from SDC, GFRAS and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation the said workshop in Vietnam

What are your interests and experiences in rural advisory services?

“Rural Advisory Services” are the red thread through my professional life. I am particularly interested in conceptual questions around the design of rural advisory services systems, e.g. how different actors from the state, the private sector and the civil society need to interact and collaborate in order to reach out to the farming community and eventually to reduce poverty. Thereby the key question of truly pluralistic advisory services remain: “Who pays for advisory services?” and “Who delivers advisory services?”.

What are your expectations towards the “Reaching the Millions!” event?

I am thrilled by the wealth of  experience around rural advisory services that will be united in the “Reaching the Millions” workshop. Accordingly my main expectation is  a creative and stimulating exchange of experience with the aim to improve future designs of RAS systems. As facilitator of the event I feel responsible to prepare the conditions for this exchange through well prepared inputs, field exposure and sufficient time and space for joint learning.