Key messages Open Space discussions

See the key messages from the discussions in the Open Space.

These topics were discussed in the different groups during the open space on Thursday afternoon:

  • RAS & Market (Demand & Supply) / „How to bring innovation in the RAS to have consistent demand“
  • Capacity enhancement of service provider to meet the demand
  • Gender and RAS, Women and social groups responsive RAS
  • How to support coordination of an effective pluralistic RAS system?
  • Quality assurance of RAS
  • Cost-benefit analysis of RAS
  • Roles of local state and government agencies in institutionalizing RAS and sustainability
  • Private sector, effective collaboration between private and public sector and civil society for inclusive and pluralistic RAS
  • Strengthening “Demand side” interventions / Strengthening “voice” of farmers in RAS planning and implementation
  • How do RAS systems support to apply policies in to actions?
  • Research – Extension Linkage (How? Participatory vs non-participatory)

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