Introduction speaker Dominic Smith (PS-ARD)



Dominic Smith

What is your background (profile/ studies), and your current job/ posting?

I am an agricultural economist originally from Queensland, Australia. I have studied a Master’s Degree in Economics (Majoring in Development) and a PhD in Agricultural Economics. I have been working in agricultural sector development (including agricultural extension) in Philippines, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Laos and Burma, including extensive work for the Asian Development Bank for the last 25 years. I have worked as Chief Technical Advisor for the SDC supported Public Service Provision Improvement Programme in Agriculture and Rural Development (PSARD) implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation since 2011.

What are your interests and experiences in rural advisory services?

Our PSARD programme is concerned with improvement of publicly provided RAS and I also led the ADB supported Agricultural Science and Technology Project reforming the Research-Extension-Education System in Vietnamese Agriculture . I also have been involved directly in the provision of RAS services to farmers during my time working in the private sector supporting tea, coffee and cashew production in Vietnam.

What are your expectations towards the “Reaching the Millions!” event?

At the F2F meeting I wish to share our experience in supporting public RAS improvement, including success stories and lessons learned. I also am really interested to learn from the rich experience of others so we can implement our program more effectively.


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