Introduction organizer Stefanie Kaegi

Stefanie Kaegi

What is your background (profile/ studies), and your current job/ posting?
I studied Geography and international development and cooperation. Currently, I work as Advisor for Rural Economy at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation in Zurich. In the frame of an SDC mandate, I capitalise experiences in long term SDC RAS programmes in Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam, and Kyrgyzstan, and analyse country RAS systems in India and China.

What are your expectations towards the “Reaching the Millions!” event?
From the workshop I expect to have the opportunity to openly exchange our experiences in public and private RAS programmes. I wish to leave the workshop with a range of innovations regarding to RAS delivery, RAS financing, and knowledge management in RAS – thus, innovations that will strengthen RAS systems to effectively reach out to poor farmers, as well as to women farmers.
And last but not least, I’m looking forward to get to know you and to jointly bring our knowledge on extension a step further.


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