Country studies India and China available

The country studies India and China are know available!

You find the studies here:

China: The experiences of China’s agricultural extension system in reaching a large number of farmers with rural advisory services India RAS system 2015

India: The experiences of India’s agricultural extension system in reaching a large number of farmers with rural advisory services

Studies “Capitalisation of Experiences” available

The “Capitalisation of Experiences” studies are know available!

You find the studies here:

– Capitalisation of Experiences – Laos Extension for Agriculture Project (LEAP):  CAPEX RAS LEAP

– Capitalisation of Experiences – Kyrgyz Swiss Agricultural Project (KSAP): CAPEX RAS KSAP

– Capitalisation of Experiences – Public Services for Agriculture and Rural Development Project Vietnam (PS-ARD): CAPEX RAS PS-ARD

– Capitalisation of Experiences – Sustainable Soil Management Programme (SSMP) Nepal: CAPEX RAS_SSMP

– Capitalisation of Experiences in Samriddhi Private Rural Service Provision System Bangladesh: CAPEX RAS Samriddhi

Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP)

Related to the discussion the participants had on the gender topic the second day afternoon under the context of the gender working group facilitated by GFRAS and the Gender in agriculture Partnership Movement coordinated by GFAR (

The group pointed at the global dimension of the issues and referred to evidence based documents at global level like the FAO SOFA 2011 key messages on achieving gender equity and women empowerment  reemphasized by the GFAR organized first conference on Women in Agriculture who led to the establishment of the Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP)

Take home messages (by participants)

“Pluralistic RAS are now unavoidable. How to make them really demand-driven is still a challenge.”

“Make more and better use of ICT for ‘Reaching the Millions’!”

“Need to rethink scope and aim of RAS support.”

“Focus is on agricultural policy of which RAS is an implementing tool.”

“I will integrate some learnings in the concept notes for the new projects.”

“Food security and RAS is synonym to me and I am committed to word for both.”

“Public private partnership helps me to reach the millions small farmers.”

“More focus on networking.”

“Causes-effects need careful in depth analysis before making conclusions.”

Key messages Open Space discussions

See the key messages from the discussions in the Open Space.

These topics were discussed in the different groups during the open space on Thursday afternoon:

  • RAS & Market (Demand & Supply) / „How to bring innovation in the RAS to have consistent demand“
  • Capacity enhancement of service provider to meet the demand
  • Gender and RAS, Women and social groups responsive RAS
  • How to support coordination of an effective pluralistic RAS system?
  • Quality assurance of RAS
  • Cost-benefit analysis of RAS
  • Roles of local state and government agencies in institutionalizing RAS and sustainability
  • Private sector, effective collaboration between private and public sector and civil society for inclusive and pluralistic RAS
  • Strengthening “Demand side” interventions / Strengthening “voice” of farmers in RAS planning and implementation
  • How do RAS systems support to apply policies in to actions?
  • Research – Extension Linkage (How? Participatory vs non-participatory)